HTC recently decided to replace AMOLED displays on its phones with LCD screens, because of supply shortage of these components. KT, a Korean mobile carrier is the one delivering the news, as it gets ready to sell Nexus One locally.


The Taiwanese smartphone maker is planning on replacing the AMOLED screens on the Desire and Incredible models, because of the same shortage problem. This means that Google Nexus One, in the versions coming after July will sport SCLD (Super TFT LCD) screens and be delivered internationally with this option.

While the AMOLED displays were made by Samsung Mobile Display, the new ones will be produced by Sony. Samsung is focusing on equipping its own phones with AMOLED screens, creating great devices like the Galaxy S, but this hurts the companies that also want to use this technology. Well, as long as the iPhone 4’s display remains the best…

[via koreaherald]

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