Want to buy a HTC Touch HD and don’t know if it’s the right purchase to make (provided that you’re in a country that sells it)? PocketNow has got this covered, as they’ve reviewed the handset and came up with a set of pros and cons you’ll like to read. Know that business users shouldn’t buy a HTC Touch HD, choosing instead a Touch Pro or XPERIA X1.


Why? Keep on reading to find out!

On the “Pros” list there’s the sexy design, large, high resolution screen, the fact that the smartphone ships with an 8GB microSD card and haptic feedback on hardware buttons and some icons. Plus, Touch HD comes with a pouch, screen protector, extra stylus, has a decent battery life, allows you to upload to YouRube right away and supports WiFi/aGPS/FM radio/HSDPA/HSUPA.

The “Cons” list is a tad slimmer and it includes small defects like the bulkiness of the device, poor one-handed usability the lack of a d-pad and programmable buttons or the fact that the status LED is tiny. An important miss is the one of the US 3G bands, accompanied by the lack of Flash support in Opera Mobile. The video player is also not solid and the fact that the microSD slot and soft reset hole are under the battery cover can be bothersome.

Check out the full review right here.

[via wmpoweruser]

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