Remember the problem with the HTC One gaps in the case? Well, now another popular flagship is facing them. There’s a customer on Baidu posting pictures of his/her Huawei Ascend P7 unit with a small gap at the lower part of the case.



This phone was announced this month and it’s expected to debut internationally this summer, but this does not sound good for Huawei’s popularity. This model is a 5 inch Full HD smartphone with Gorilla Glass 3 protection and a plastic case that measures 6.5 mm in thickness. Well, the gap may be small, but the discontent remains, especially since I saw another user posting a similar image below the first one.

This could turn into a big snowball soon and affect Huawei’s image. As far as I know the back also has Gorilla Glass protection, so maybe when applying that layer a gap was formed. The sides and top of the phone are an aluminum strip, while the bottom edge is all plastic. When will handset makers finally get rid of plastic?



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