We’re around 24 hours away from the big unveiling of the Huawei Mate 9, that will come to life in Munchen tomorrow and it’s now time for official teasers and leaks to happen. Thus, Huawei official Bruce Lee unveiled on his Weibo page a full gallery of pictures taken with the Huawei Mate 9. Let’s check them out below.


Lee is a Mobile Product Line Manager for the company and seems to have tested both the low light and selfie abilities of the new smartphone. As you probably know already, the device has a main dual camera module, that includes a 20 MP shooter and a 12 MP monochrome sensor to accompany it. These shots are beautiful, with excellent hues of brown and yellow, typical for the fallen leaves of the season.


The selfie doesn’t look that impressive, but it was a very cold, gloomy and foggy day it seems, so I guess it did the best it could, considering the conditions. The clarity is excellent for the main camera shots and what we’re lacking here is a close up or maybe a depth of field effect shot, which may appear over the next 24 hours.


I’m also happy to report that in low conditions the light sources aren’t overblown. We’ll learn more tomorrow about the handset and its Leica-powered dual cam.  Be sure to check out each of the shots below in detail.

via Mobilissimo.ro