During this week’s SXSW event we had a chance to catch a glimpse of what the future of the Windows Phone 7 platform will look like. First of all, one of the updates to come will bring Internet Explorer 9 Mobile to the OS, Twitter integration in the People hub, copy/paste and much, much more. Let’s see what IE9 Mobile is all about!


As shown in the video below, the most important change is the aesthetic one, with IE9 Mobile being quite a bit different from IE7 Mobile. Rendering quality is also increased and the address bar can now be found at the bottom of the browser, not at the top. This makes it closer to the user’s thumbs, for a more friendly experience.

This version of IE Mobile is expected to be released as part of the WP7 Mango update coming “late this year”. Mango is supposed to even change the name pattern of the platform, making it become Windows Phone 7.5, but that’s only a speculation right now. Till we learn more info at CTIA, here’s a video showing what the browser is all about.

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