The thing I hate the most about displays is the way they reflect light, be it on a tablet or laptop… Now, there’s an apparent solution for this problem, coming from Asian company Nippon Electric Glass. During last week’s FPD International 2011 conference, taking place in Japan the company showcased a new technology that could solve glare problems.


Nippon Electric Glass added a front and back film to a standard piece of glass and this layer has anti-reflection ability. Also, know that the film is mere nanometers thick, so the innovation is great here. After applying the layer the luminance reflectance diminishes by 0.1% for a typical sheet of glass, while reflection is reduced in an impressive way.

A mere 8% of the light will be reflected on this new type of glass, but the problem here seems to be the way the emitted light will pass through the sheet of glass. With the proper financing and company behind this project it could become a hot technology on tablets and smartphones.

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