Just hours ago Apple kicked off the WWDC 2012 event in style, with Tim Cook on stage, fresh MacBook announcements and obviously the debut of iOS 6.0. Mountain Lion was also mentioned as coming next month with a $19.99 price tag and 200 new features. The same “200 new features” line was used for iOS 6.0, so let’s see what’s really new!


Well, for one thing most of the rumors regarding iOS 6.0 came true, including Facebook integration and new Maps app. Also, Siri has evolved to a new level and can now start apps, show you sports competitions scores and details about athletes if you want. The virtual assistant also shows movie times and trailers when you ask it and it even gives you the Rotten Tomatoes ratings for pictures. It can also search for restaurants on a more evolved level. iOS 5.0 had strong Twitter integration and now iOS 6.0 relies on the Facebook integration, apparently.

Every corner of the OS allows you to like, comment or share via FB. There’s even Facebook in the App Store, so you can see what apps your friends dig and you can post to the social networking service from Maps, Photos and you also get a very good integration of FB with the Notification Center. Facebook is supported by Siri, so you can dictate a new status easily. Also, using the new APIs available for developers, any app can integrate Facebook immediately. In case you’re wondering, the beta for iOS 6.0 is already available for developers and the full version will come this fall, most likely with the new iPhone.

Apple also showcased a feature called Eye Free, that integrates Siri in the driving experience. The Cupertino giant will work with car makers to deliver on that promise. Another improvement is the ability to use Facetime via cellular connection, not only WiFi. Apple also unveiled an app called PassBook, that gathers all the plane tickets, movie tickets, coupons and other stuff like that in a single place and keeps them for later. Photo Stream now support sharing, commenting on photos and the ability to Like them.

An interesting unveiling was the one of the “Do Not Disturb” feature, that adapts the notifications and handset behaviour to a business meeting for example. It makes the notifications more quiet and the screen won’t light up when you’re notified. And finally, the long awaited Maps was announced, replacing Google Maps as the favourite mapping solution on iOS. The new app shows over 100 million landmarks and businesses, has turn by turn navigation, traffic info, real time updates and 3D graphics.

There’s a Flyover feature, involving great 3D models of real life buildings, that are perfectly shown on iOS now. Vectorial graphics are also available and many of the novelties shown here will also come to Google’s solutions soon. Maps will also take off this fall, with iOS 6.0. Everything we saw at WWDC 2012, including the Retina Display Macbook was already predicted or rumored. Did you find anything truly spectacular?

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