Several iOS 7.0 concepts have hit the web recently, some realistic and some totally unrealistic. We’re expecting the debut of the platform this summer at WWDC 2013 and till then it appears the hackers and developers are hard at work for a new jailbreak.



The jailbreak community is looking into the future and preparing everything for iOS 7.0. Famous scene member Joshua Hill tweeted a series of messages regarding the iOs 7 jailbreak. iOS 6.1.3’s jailbreak is seen as a waste of time, especially since that version of iOS has its own issues, from what we’ve heard, like battery drain and WiFi connectivity issues.

Hill is rumored to have gained access to an early release of iOS 7.0, although that seems totally unlikely. Apple is highly secretive with its products, both software and hardware, but who knows, since their people do forget prototypes in bars…

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