Our sister site Tablet-News.com, that has provided lots of insights into the world of tablets recently reviewed the Apple iPad 2. Apple’s latest toy already sold millions of units and for good reason, since it’s a very good piece of machinery. Tablet News had the 16GB WiFi-only unit and they were very pleased with it.


This dual core tablet with a 9.7 inch IPS screen totally delivers and for what price! For a mere $499, you get two reasonable cameras integrated into a fast tablet, running iOS 4.3 and being able to turn into portable fun tons of applications. NFS Hot Pursuit seems like a lot of fun, in spite of the not so 3D and complex graphics, while the Garage Band demo blew us away.

Of course, we love the idea of multitasking through that bottom section of the OS used to swap apps and close those you don’t need any more. This device also supports TV out through a special accessory and its battery life is huge, so getting 10 hours out of the slate was no problem for our colleagues of Tablet News.

Video playback is great, audio works just fine, with that integrated speaker at the back and its decent volume. Finding defects for this device is easy, if you’re biased and some even say that it’s too simple for their own taste. Well, I say that this product is great and if weren’t an Apple unit it wouldn’t be getting to much criticism. It delivers, honestly, but there’s also a thing we must mention: if you have an iPad 1, I don’t really see the need to purchase this product.

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