The iPhone Dev Team is at work again, this time through its member, MuscleNerd, who has managed to jailbreak Apple’s iPad 3G. MuscleNerd hacked the tablet thanks to the jailbreak app “Spirit”, the work of @comex. Originally, this software was released in April, in order to hack the WiFi-only iPad.

We have to mention that the Spirit jailbreak can be used on the iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3G and the iPads with success. However, keep in mind that Apple can prevent you from downgrading, unless you’re using a backup of personalized SHSH blobs. Among Spirit’s key features you’ll find untethered jailbreak, support for more of Apple’s devices and the requirement for the gadgets to be activated or hacktivated.

You can download Spirit from here, but we have to mention that this jailbreak method doesn’t include a carrier unlock.

[via tgdaily]