After having a look at a “real world” speed test of the iPhone 3G, Palm Pre and iPhone 3GS, we discovered that Pre is quite a fast handset, since it won 2 of the 3 duels it had with the iPhones. Now it’s time to pit the older iPhone against the 3GS in a web browser speed test:


Both handsets run iPhone OS 3.0 and, as you might already know, the iPhone 3GS comes with an improved CPU, double the RAM of the iPhone 3G, an improved graphics core and improved GPU. The iPhone 3G and 3GS have JavaScript enabled, popups blocked and plugins activated.

This test was done using a WiFi connection and browsing the following sites: Crackberry, Pre Central, The iPhone Blog and NY Times. Who won? I think you can easily guess that the iPhone 3GS nailed it and loaded this pages way faster than the iPhone 3G. The speed is incredible and Apple has really done a great job with this phone.

[via dailymobile]

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