If you’ve got a bone to pick with the iPhone 3GS, or you’re just anxious to see what’s inside, you can have a look at the video below, witnessing the disassembly of the device. These are take apart and repair directions for the touch panel, battery and LCD, so it’s not all destructive work:


Let us remind you that the iPhone 3GS has sold no less than a million units in just 3 days after its launch, but we can bet that in the following days the number will increase, as new statistics become official. Keep in mind that you shouldn’t try to disassemble the 3GS iPhone at home, even if you think you’re skilled enough.

It would be a real shame to break it, even if this is a device that can only get praise for its interface, iPhone OS 3.0 software and… 3MP camera?

[via dailymobile]

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