Here’s a showdown that you’ll surely dig: the Nokia N97 versus the iPhone 3GS, probably the hottest devices launched last month. What’s the Nokia smartphone got over Apple’s latest iPhone? Does its CPU stand a chance against the Cupertino-born best seller?


The iPhone 3Gs is superior to the N97 in the RAM segment, since it comes with 256MB versus the Nokia phone’s 128MB and also in the CPU duel (600 MHz versus 434 MHz). The latter is quite an important flaw, since that powerful CPU is perfect for a beautiful interface and neat transitions.

Apple’s new phone also comes with multitouch via the capacitive touchscreen, 3G HSDPA support (7.2 Mbps) and functions like Shake to change music, iTunes and Voice Over. All of these lack from the N97 or have an inferior equivalent. There’s also the advantage of the App Store and the design of the iPhone 3GS plus the weight (135 grams versus 150 grams).

However, the N97’s not all bad, since its camera with video recording and flash light is superior to the one on the iPhone 3GS, as are the connectivity options (Bluetooth file transfer, microSD, microUSB and USB). Handwritting recognition is also on board, together with FM radio and a reasonable price (for some, willing to buy an unlocked handset for $700).

[via dailymobile]

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