The iPhone 4 is one of the most criticized and troubled mobile phone models in history and there’s another reason for it to be controversial: the design. Apparently, its look was inspired by the Garmin nuvi 3700 GPS model, pictured below.

Garmin nuvi 3700’s form factor was used long before the launch of iPhone 4, but we can’t really say that Apple copied this design. What we should mention is that this kind of look is unique in the smartphone segment, specially if you compare the iPhone 4 to the new HTC, LG and Samsung handsets.

In case Garmin decides to sue Apple for the iPhone 4’s design this would be just another problem on the huge list of flaws related to the device: antenna issues, Bluetooth and data connection issues, screen malfunctioning and melting cables. Here’s a short video showing the design and production process of the Garmin nuvi 3700:

[via Mobilissimo]

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    The design process is a little bit more complex than just browsing the web or magazines and copy shapes, especially when the shape of an object is so tightly defined by it's components… I understand the need to create buzz for the blog traffic, but I don't think that “copy” is what happened here…

    Btw good research work, it's the very first time ever that I see this gamin device.

  • Garmin nuvi 3700′s form factor was used long before the launch of iPhone 4.