The iPhone 4 was barely announced and it’s already being compared to some of the smartphones out there, like Droid Incredible and HTC EVO 4G. The infographic below speaks for itself, making a comparison between the three handsets mentioned above. These touchscreen units are possibly the most appealing right now and they’re available on 3 separate carriers (AT&T, Verizon and Sprint).


Well, EVO’s got a huge screen, while the Droid has a removable battery and the iPhone 4 comes with that nifty Retina Display, plus a battery that functions 300 hours in standby mode. Who’ll win? The display competition reveals that the iPhone 4’s screen diagonal is the smallest, specially when compared to the EVO 4G’s 4.3 inch one or the 3.7 inches of the Droid Incredible.

However, the 960 x 640 resolution of the new iPhone surpasses the 480 x 800 supported by the other two devices. CPU-wise both HTC handsets rely on 1GHz processors, while Apple’s phone uses an in-house made A4 chip, with an unknown speed. On the memory side, the iPhone 4 is the loser of the battle, with its 32GB internal storage versus EVO’s 1GB internal plus microSD slot or Incredible’s 8GB internal plus microSD.

On the OS side there’s not much to say, aside from the fact that two Android devices are facing the brand new iOS4, that will reveal its potential and features over time (multitasking included). Also, the HTC smartphones use removable batteries, while the iPhone’s is obviously internal. Camera is also a pretty delicate aspect for iPhone 4, since it only packs a 5MP sensor, compared to the 8MP on the other handsets.

The price favours the HTC phones as well, going for $199 each with 2 year contracts, while the iPhone 4 reaches $299.99, in the 32GB version, with contract. What will you choose?

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