WWDC keynotes usually go pretty smooth, as there’s no Microsoft product to crash the presentation, by showing a blue screen. However, during WWDC 2010 things got a little embarrassing for Steve Jobs, who had a bit of a problem while trying to show everyone a demo on the iPhone 4. Here’s what happened:


Apparently, the WiFi network had failed, maybe because of the overload caused by the journalists and bloggers reporting live from the keynote. Jobs asked the audience repeatedly to get off the WiFi, so the show could go on. Also, Apple’s main man mentioned that over 500 hotspots were being used by the journalists, which is a real issue.

However, has no one thought about 3G? Well, one funny dude has, as he screamed out loud “Verizon”, as a suggestion to Steve Jobs’ problem. The CEO replied by saying that it’s all about the WiFi and he smiled, knowing that everyone was waiting a deal with Verizon, related to the new iPhone…

[via Gizmodo]

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