At this week’s start discovered an image of presumed iPhone 4S parts on the Chinese microblogging site Weibo. Now, aside from the handset’s parts we’ve also found images of a white front plate of the phone, that’s actually exciting news.


We see here the Apple A5 processor, an LCD display, a battery and a couple of cables. Sadly, there aren’t many differences between the iPhone 4 and the 4S, leading us to believe that the new iPhone (or at least one of them) will only bring a dual core CPU and maybe improved connectivity to the last gen iPhone.

These images are far from official confirmation and most likely Apple will deny them or maybe someone will get arrested for the leaks, who knows? This time I have a feeling we have the real deal on our hands here. So, we count the iPhone 4S as a disappointment and wait for the iPhone 5, while praying that it will come this year, else 2012 will spell the end of the iPhone reign…

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