The iPhone 5 launched in stores on Friday and this weekend millions of people got to own one, play with it and compare it to their neighbor’s Android handset. One of the tests involves a comparison with the Motorola Droid RAZR M and the Samsung Galaxy S III, done by PC Mag. They’re saying that the iPhone 4S with iOS 6.0 on the dual core 800 MHz A5 CPU is still pretty much on par with modern Android 4.0 phones, while the iPhone 5 surpasses them.

The Galaxy S III and Droid RAZR M used for this test are both powered by the 1.5 GHz Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor, that goes against the fresh Apple A6 dual core CPU. On the graphics based test, the iPhone 5 beats the Galaxy S III and RAZR M by a factor of 3, so a very impressive graphical performance. The new iPhone wins by a narrower margin in the GeekBench benchmark, as shown in the table above. The memory and stream scores are still pretty impressive, both testing the loading data in and out of RAM, so the RAM is also better.

A phone’s hardware performance can’t only be measured like that, so day to day use must also be taken into account. For now the iPhone 5 respects the promise of offering “twice the performance of the iPhone 4S” and believe it or not it managed to score the record of being the “fastest handheld computer sold in the US”. Did you get one?

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