With the iPhone 5 now confirmed for October by an AT&T official, it’s pretty clear that soon we’ll be seeing leaks of the device, more serious than before. We already saw the battery and camera sensor of the new iPhone in a recent leak and now it’s time for the display to shine. Here it is:


These shots were apparently taken in a Wintek factory, with this company being the same one that mass produced the iPhone 4 screens during the last year. What these components reveal is a bigger gap in the Home button area, confirming partially the rumors about an elongated Home area, prone to use with gestures for interface control.

The screen looks a bit wider than the Retina display on the iPhone 4 and the edges seems thin enough to confirm the edge to edge display rumors, at least a bit. With iOS 5 so stuffed with novelty, it was only logical that we would get a bigger display. In case you’re wondering why the workers are wearing protective suits and masks, know that these are needed to protect them from poisons that come from the use of N-Hexane, a cleaning product for components.

I have to say that these images don’t look at all fake…

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