After seeing a metallic prototype of the iPhone 5, now we get a full view of the entire device in all its splendor, courtesy of a leak from hardware news site They posted a detailed gallery of images, that are believed to be the iPhone 5 in the wild.


Well, let’s not get so excited here, since this looks more like a rough unit made by someone that’s not Apple, but rather a fan who used all of the pics and info on the web as inspiration. It could be a company trying to make their cases and accessories early, trying to stay ahead in the game. However, the design fits with everything that we’ve been hearing about the new iPhone: thinner and longer than the iPhone 4S, plus it has the audio jack at the bottom, bigger speakers with speaker grilles and that smaller 19 pin connector dock.

For comparison sake, the iPhone 5 is placed next to the 4S in the images included in this article. I doubt this is Foxconn material, since it has sloppy finishing and parts of resemble something made out of a spray paint modeling clay. Anyway, this mockup gives you a rough idea of what you may be buying this Christmas. The question is: will you?

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