We’re less than a month away from the rumored 12th September debut of the iPhone 5 and now we also have some details about its arrival in stores, shipments and preorders. As usual, we advise you to take the info with a big old grain of salt. This sixth generation Apple handset is supposed to go live on preorder on the same date it’s announced, meaning September 12th.


Previously it has been rumored that Apple wanted 21st September as the day of release in stores and this idea could be followed through after all. If the preorder on 12th September thing is true, expect Apple servers to crack on that day, due to a huge number of accesses. There’s also an information about a secondary wave of sales to the wider international market in early October. So international customers could get their hands on the bigger screen iPhone as soon as October 5th, if the sources are accurate.

Not sure what countries are included in the first wave of rollout, but the UK, France, Germany and Italy are a safe bet. Meanwhile, we’ve yet to find out what CPU this device has or what camera sensor, while the rest of specs have pretty much leaked out in recent weeks. Will you buy the iPhone 5?

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