After the supposed picture of an iPhone 5 spotted in an Apple employee’s hand, now a series of cases for this handset have appeared in China. These are silicone cases for the handset, that confirm both a larger screen and the rounded and tapered back with a curved shape.

Strangely enough, the accessories for the iPhone 5 are starting to spread all over in China, so we may see a massive launch of the product over there. This new iPhone is also supposed to be thinner and in case you’re wondering about the cases, they are only available to purchase in bulk, with a minimum of 500 units required.

The price is $0.30 a piece and they’re available in varied colors, as shown above. A similar case was leaked days ago, in a green version, but that didn’t show much from the handset’s feats. With August closing in, we’re almost ready to embrace the new iPhone and its launch….

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