It’s obvious that a popular phone such as the iPhone 6 was bound to get a customized version, one covered in gold and diamonds and today we’ve come across such an unit. Caviar was the company doing the customization and adorning the handset with a golden back and engravings.



The product’s name is Atlante Russia and it includes a basorelief with Russian symbols at the back. Caviar Atlante Russia goes for $3615, an obviously high price for a luxury item and it’s part of a series called Atlante. It includes tailor made phones for countries like Italy, Armenia, Kazakhstan or Azerbaijan. It took 40 hours of labor and 10 cutters to get the engraved model right and create this work of art.

The metal was painted and engraved with a complex model, including a Russian eagle symbol of sorts and the word “Russia” written in Slavic characters. This model comes inside a precious box with velvet fabric inside, typical for a luxury gadget. I’m guessing president Putin has mixed feelings about this phone: one the one hand it praises mother Russia, on the other it has Apple “spying” technology.





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