Everybody seems to think that the iPhone 6 Plus is a flimsy piece of gear, after the whole Bendgate scandal, but is it that fragile? Well, it has been put to the test by having a tank run over it, as you can see in the video below… Let’s see what happened!


iphone 6 plus tank crush

One would expect the iPhone 6 Plus to be reduced to a sticker or a piece of metal as thin as paper, but in fact it manages to survive. Obviously the screen cracks under pressure, but still the damage doesn’t look worse than a Bendgate to be honest. Aside from the cracked screen, the back side and both sides don’t have much damage. I wonder if you can actually turn on the device after this incident, although odds are minimal that such a thing would happen.

There was a second iPhone 6 Plus involved in the experiment, since the testers wanted to capture video in real time using the device’s camera to see the incoming tank. The less damaged model was apparently able to be powered, even charge and transfer the footage to the web. This means the crushing is random and some models may be destroyed, while some won’t. I guess the thick layer of dirt attached to the tank’s tracks helped…

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