Through a Chinese source we just found out that Xiao Jun, the General Manager of the IUNI company resigned from its function with just 20 days before the 1 year anniversay, the IUNI brand being founded on November 20 last year.


iuni ceo


If you’re one of those who don’t know the IUNI brand, the you must find out that this one is a department of Gionee, a company that released one of their best device in March this year, more precisely the IUNI U2, a phone that brings in the package high-end specs, a 16-megapixel rear camera with optics formed out from 6 lens and a 4-ultrapixel front-facing camera.

What is interesting about this device is the fact that will soon arrive in Europe under the Allview brand as the Allview X1 Xtreme Mini on the Romanian market. Even this phone arrive on the Chinese market for just $290, it seems that the low price didn’t contribued to the revenues of the company a lot.


From the sales point of view, IUNI U2 was shipped in just 50.000 units since its launch on the market from March this year, with 10.000 units sold every month. However, the company launched a while ago the IUNI U3 smartphone on the market, device that comes with a Quad HD display and 3 GB of RAM.


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