Who ever dreamed about using an iPhone to fingerprint someone? It seems that many cops in the USA own an iPhone, so why not use their passion for the gadget created by the Cupertino giant to create an innovative fingerprinting system? Fulcrum Technologies has come up with a nifty device, the mobileOne, that attaches itself to the iPhone and servers as identifying tool.


This fingerprint device is quite cheap at $600 and certainly cheaper than mobile stations with this sole purpose. Usually, the delay or running a print through databases can last for up to several hours and prices for mobile gear is huge. This time, the iPhone speeds up the process and FBI considers it a valuable asset. The mobileOne can also be attached to an iPod Touch and the accessory easily fits into a pocket.

High quality fingerprints are taken, even after the FBI rigorous standards. In 2012 there will be trials and tests for this technology and if it gets approved, the iPhone fingerprint device might be available for all US law enforcement. The reason why Android was not chosen for this idea is that Apple is considered more fit for biometrics (fingerprint, facial analysis and voice print), since it provides a more stable platform.

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