Now that the latest James Bond movie, Quantum of Solace has hit the screens, it’s time to start looking for a Christmas gift related to the world of spies and secret agents. Pay attention ladies, as today you might be buying him a 007 watch just to be spied upon the next day… Here’s a collection of gadgets that any James Bond wannabe should own:


Among the most important there’s a button-camera that allows you to film all around and comes with a portable surveillance system. This can be yours for about 806 EUR and it gives you 4 hours of recording via 2-3 batteries. The classic pen-camera with a 2 GB internal memory is also on the list and it features a battery that gives it enough juice for about 2 hours and a half of recording.

The gadget costs about 130 EUR and allows you to download the resulting content on your PC via USB. Next is the classic watch, in fact an audio surveillance system, featuring a 1GB Flash memory and an MP3 player for casual use. The hidden camera I liked the most was the one hidden inside a Sony radio-electronic clock. This comes at quite a huge price, 1240 EUR, but it includes a GSM SIM and supports audio/video capture and uses 2GB microSD cards.

There’s also a phone on this list which incorporates a hidden CCD camera at the top and is able to start recording the minute it senses movement. Although the display of the device might seem idle at some points, the gadget’s still working. Got your Bond thing going on yet?

[via passionemobile]

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