In case you didn’t know, the iPad 2 launch in Japan will be delayed because of the recent quake, but now some others consequences might be felt on the market of Apple products. Some components produced in Japan are needed for the iPad 2 and iPhone 4 production, so considering the recent closing of some factories, shortages could be seen.


We already know that Toshiba is closing down its LCD plant for a month and Mitsubishi Gas Chemical will also do the same thing. You should know that Toshiba supplies 40% of the world’s flash memory, while Mitsubishi is considered Apple’s main source of BT resin, used for printed circuit boards.

It’s not yet known if shortages will happen or not, but some delays are bound to be seen, especially because the iPad 2 is selling incredibly well. The following months will be extremely revealing, as far as stocks are concerned.

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