Kyocera is following in Samsung’s footsteps, introducing upcoming mobile technologies, that will change the way we use handsets in the future. This way, we can run into concepts like the Kyocera EOS phone, showcased at CTIA Wireless 2009 and pictured below.



This is a foldable device that packs an OLED display and its shape can shift just like in the case of a wallet, with 2 available configurations: portrait QWERTY and widescreen OLED. Kyocera EOS uses shape memory keys that get flat when they’re not used, plus, the device also uses kinetic charging via piezoelectric generators.


The other Kyocera device that fascinated us all is NXT, a concept phone that uses a context-sensitive display, that changes its purpose according to the handset’s mode (gaming, movie, music). The phone incorporates an accelerometer and looks like a neat gaming platform, if you ask me. Check out the images below for a more detailed view on NXT.


[via Concept Phones]

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