Do you know that awkward moment when you speak on your cellphone and have the speakerphone so loud, that everyone can hear the entire discussion you’re having? Well, Kyocera might just save you from embarrassing moments, through a recent invention, that involves a speakerless bone conduction system.


To put it short this is a smartphone with no external speaker. Instead it uses imperceptible vibrations transmitted by the Kyocera phone and you must know that these vibrations are received by the user’s ear and understood as sound signals. The technology works through clothes, hats and even other headphones. KDDI will be the first to sell handsets with this feature in Japan and this certainly fits the local market, since Japanese people are known for their etiquette and how civilized they are.

I’m curious what the downside to this tech is and I have a feeling that if this catches on, the scientists from rival companies will find a way to discover that this technology causes cancer on some level or another. Let’s see this patented and getting popular first…

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