The usual inside sources from Apple are claiming that the next generation iPhone will support 3G and 4G LTE connectivity and also that the design will be slimmer than the one of the previous generation iPhones. That’s all the usual predictable stuff, honestly, but the Morgan Stanley analyst Katy Huberty is also saying that the new handset will come with a new quad mode chip from Qualcomm.

This chip allows the new iPhone to operate on any network in the world making it a real world phone. The case will also be slimmer and feature a changed design, although the ways in which it will be changed are not known just yet. The same analyst detailed a bit the iPad 3, saying that it will have a lower price than the iPad 2, in order to attract more customers. BGR recently reported that Apple is preparing to launch a revamped iPhone this fall with aluminum case and a rubber/plastic bezel that will cover the new generation antenna.

We’ve yet to see a solid list of specs, but everyone’s guess is that the device won’t jump to quad core just yet, since the current CPU is just fine. Instead we could be getting more RAM, a better CPU frequency, the same storage versions and maybe some extra options for the already top notch camera.