We’ve seen Howard Stern and Jimmy Fallon messing with Palm Pre, but having Angelina do a review of the smartphone is simply mind-blowing. Well, “review” is too strong a word, since “Lara Croft” only talked about the handset for a couple of minutes.



A production assistant on the set of the movie “Salt” asked Jolie what she thinks about Pre and, according to the LA Gossip Examiner, miss Pitt seemed pleased with the device. Angelina said that she likes Palm Pre’s software more than the one on the iPhone, the thumboard for texting and the handset’s screen.

However, she did mention that the keys aren’t big enough and that the display is too easy to scratch. The latter issue can be handled thanks to a screen protector, as for the software, Angelina would know, since she’s being using a lot of gadgetry during the Tomb Raider series.

[via precentral]

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