LG’s got a fresh LTE smartphone after the Nitro HD/Spectrum, the Connect 4G model. This handset was recently spotted at the FCC and it’s coming to Verizon quite soon, according to some rumors. The device made an appearance at CES as well early this month, with MetroPCS branding and support for their own 4G LTE network.


Now we get a Verizon version as well, as shown by the recent FCC filing. The device is referred to as model number VS840 with approval already gained for CDMA/EvDO bands and the LTE band 13, used by The Big Red in USA. Bluetooth and WiFi are of course supported and the LG Connect 4G also comes with a 4 inch NOVA display, a 5MP camera and a 1.2GHz dual core processor, plus Android 2.3 Gingerbread. The device can be seen as a smaller alternative to the LG Spectrum, that packs a huge 4.5 inch display.

No trace of pricing or launch date here, but if you keep reading GSMDome, we might get that info at some point…

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