One of the most beautiful fashion phones ever created, LG GD900 Crystal is all about its transparent keypad, that goes way beyond looks and provides some neat functionality. Here’s a short hands on experience and analysis of the phone:

This is a flexible device, packing a keypad that glitters once open and it’ll surely attract everyone’s attention with its looks. In the video above, you can see the user zooming in and out by touching the keypad and using this feature to take pictures and alter the camera’s settings. The same zooming is kept during web browsing, supported in landscape mode and there’s a neat advantage of this system: no fingerprints on the screen.

Next, we get to see some scrolling in action, horizontal for changing menus, or vertical for browsing through various pieces of media. LG GD900 Crystal also supports shortcut gestures, made by “drawing” a certain symbol on the keypad. For example, if you “draw” an 8 on the keypad, you’ll reach the Games menu and there are 9 preset gesture shortcuts you can set up.