Skyfire has just launched its long-awaited mobile browser, promising that it’ll provide a desktop-like experience on smartphones. We find out if the browser performs as expected, by checking out the video analysis below.



Skyfire uses server-side compression technology, allowing the users to interact with websites built using rich web technologies like Flash, Ajax, Silverlight or JavaScript. This feature makes the browser superior to rivals like Apple’s mobile Safari or Chrome Lite (Android), that can’t fully access sites like YouTube or Hulu, due to their complexity.

The new mobile browser also comes with social networking features, like Facebook updates integration or Twitter messages that fit right into the start page. Skyfire’s home page can be customized with RSS feeds and you should know that the 1.0 version of the browser is available now, for free and it’s compatible with Windows Mobile and Symbian handsets, but soon it’ll also be launched in a version for BlackBerries.

[via informationweek]

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