Turns out that LG has a session scheduled for the MeeGo Conference held next month in San Francisco. Last we heard, this company and some more major brands were preparing to take over from Nokia and further develop MeeGo into a great platform. The MeeGo Conference will take place in San Francisco between May 23 and the 25th.


LGE MeeGo Devices were mentioned and prototypes running MeeGo 1.2 on multiple LG units. The smartphone version is also mentioned in there and considering LG has just recently joined the MeeGo world, it’s exciting to see them coming up with innovations so soon after Nokia has bailed out of this initiative, although not totally yet.

Can you imagine an LG Optimus phone with some MeeGo love on board, fused with the Optimus UI? I, for one, would leave customization aside and focus on the core of MeeGo, appealing on its own.

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