We’ve seen quite a bunch of BlackBerries leaked recently and at least one of them (the BlackBerry Bold Touch) will be announced during next week’s BlackBerry World Conference. Meanwhile, we learn that version 6.1 of the BlackBerry OS will be turned into 7.0, with the confirmation coming from RIM co-CEO Jim Balsillie.


The handset(s) introduced next week will run this new OS that was previously supposed to be called Highlander and was expected to come early next year with some QNX features included. However, RIM decided to launch it earlier and switch BB OS 6.1 with 7.0, while Highlander is still on schedule, but this time as BB OS 8.0 or maybe directly QNX for mobile.

It you’re into branding and such theories, BB OS 7 would go head to head with Windows Phone 7 and too bad that iOS 7 is years away, else the battle would have been even funnier. Right now we know that the update will bring 720p video recording on older BlackBerry models like the Torch, as well as features like voice activated universal search and a better software keyboard.

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