This week we’ve received out test unit of the third LG Prada phone, the version 3.0 that you can see unboxed below. We’re dealing with a black, stylish handset that comes in a fancy box with leather-like texture and something that feels like velvet in the handset holding area. More about that in the following lines!


Inside the box we find the beautiful phone, its battery, a USB cable, charger, manual and a nifty set of headphones, with a fancy design that reminds me of the headset that the PS Vita uses. This elegant device has two confusing buttons at the top, so you don’t know exactly which button is the ON/OFF one, but it appears that the one on the left is it. It also lights up in a nice shade of blue when the device starts. A thing to note here is that the Prada Phone 3.0 comes with a black/white interface crated by Prada.

However, not everything is black and white, since the Google application icons are shown in colours. Overall the entire UI looks like a caricature or amateur drawing, but we’ll get used to that. The case at the back is easy to snap off in order to insert the battery and although the metallic parts of the handset are nice, that plasticky back doesn’t feel stylish. More about that in the upcoming review!

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