A while ago we saw the folks of LG trademarking their G Series handsets up to the G9 and today there’s a new series incoming. It’s dubbed Frame and it includes the G Flex Frame, F Frame and G Frame, that are shown being trademarked below.


All applications are related to smartphones and were filed with the USPTO days ago, on September 25th. The G Flex Frame may as well be the rumored G Flex 2, while the other two units may be the next gen G and F series smartphones. Earlier this year, LG also trademarked the G Prime and F Prime, but we haven’t heard anything since. There’s a hunch that tells me the Frame series is going to rival the Galaxy A units.

It’s pretty logical: Samsung makes a move, goes metal and changes design and now it’s LG’s turn. The name “Frame” makes me think of a metal frame of sorts, coupled with a squared design. If I’m right, then the LG-Samsung war is on, yet again.



via mylgphones