Make it Rain is considered by some the new Flappy Bird, because it brings its makers the same amount of money as Flappy Bird did: around $50k, only from ads. This game is available for free and we played it on the iPhone 5.



We’re dealing with a casual greed simulator, as I like to call it, a morally corrupt game, that has you swiping to make money. One swipe is one dollar at first, but then you make upgrades and the value increases. You can buy new items to increase the money made without swiping (investments) or increase the value of swipes. The money you make on the side simply falls from a tap into a bucket.

Usually the bucket isn’t enough to hold more than one or two hours worth of cash, so you’ll have to spend money and expand said bucket. You can buy a factory, a politician, even your own island and the ultimate prize: make your own voting machine for a big country, so basically decide who gets elected. You can give bribes, get investigated by the FBI and spin a wheel of fortune to get rid of the punishment. This game has been downloaded by over 2 million people, so it’s certainly a hit.

It is addictive and you’ll certainly enjoy swiping for virtual money. I did and that’s why we give the game an 8.3 out of 10. You can download it here.