Maria Sharapova, the official image of Sony Ericsson decided to take the new Xperia Active handset for a spin. This sporty model is dust and water proof and the latter is proved by Maria herself, who dunks the handset into a glass of water and then is able to take a call with no problems.


This Android smartphone uses a mineral glass display that’s scratch resistant and supports wet finger tracking. This means that your sweaty fingers will give all the input needed on this touchscreen, even if they’re wet from all the workout. This is a 1GHz handset with a 3 inch display and the video with Sharapova also shows a couple of sports apps and social networking ones.

For example, the trainer of the famous sportswoman will monitor her heart rate in training, so he knows she’s cheating or not. How cool is that? The selling point for this unit is that it can swim in up to 1 meter of water depth for about 30 minutes. Now let’s see what Sharapova has to say:

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