Good news for people who already think about getting a Nokia N9 unit: the device will also run Android apps, thanks to Myriad’s Alien Dalvik solution. This system can run unmodified Android software on MeeGo devices and the video at the end of the article provides extra details, if you’re interested.

App stores and developers will simply have to repackage Android .apk installation files and make them run on MeeGo hardware, such as the N9. The Android app can access the hardware features of the device and complex integrations are also available thanks to Myriad’s SDK plugin options. A similar move was done by RIM a while ago, with the BlackBerry PlayBook also supporting Android software, but this feature is yet to come.

We also have to mention that the Nokia N900 also ran Android apps through customization, so we’re on the right track. Alien Dalvik will be available this year and the company behind it (Myriad) is already in talks with car companies to use the technology on vehicle computers. BMW, Renault and GM have shown interest.