Major “oops!” for Terry McGraw, McGraw-Hill CEO, who confirmed the Apple Tablet just the other day, in an interview which CNBC. You can check out the interview in the clip below and stay focused on 2:49 or so for the confirmation:

Terry McGraw mentioned that Apple is going to make its announcement today and that the tablet will be based on the iPhone OS. Also, McGraw-Hill’s ebooks will be present on the device, making it a real treasure for students, teachers and other folks from the education segment

Is this a PR stunt or a major leak?

[via BGR]

  • dlm

    I think it is stupid. Big deal, we knew it was a tablet coming out probably and if it trying to replace the kindle, it would have ebooks. I don't see want the big deal is. I think it was just a blunder on his part. A stupid one, but still a blunder.