A while ago we spotted some benchmarks related to the Meizu MX4 handset and they passed the 50k points mark. Back then we were surprised to see the Standard version of the phone achieving this much, thanks to the MediaTek MT6595 processor inside. Today we get a new glimpse of these benchmarks.


The Meizu MX4 was released yesterday, in the Standard version, without a Pro or Mini model. It comes with a $292 price tag, 16 GB of storage and a 5.36 inch Full HD display, as well as an octa core MediaTek MT6595 processor clocked at 2.2 GHz. There’s 2 GB of RAM inside and a 20.7 MP back camera. While the previous leak showed a score of 52811 points, now we get 51.807, as shown above.

This is still very impressive and keep in mind we’re dealing with the lower end version here, so to say, since the Pro model isn’t even launched yet. I imagine that the new CPU will be even more powerful, but we have to be careful with these tests, since recently Huawei got burned and caught cheating in 3DMark…

via igeek.com