The second MEX Mobile User Experience Awards edition has recently taken place, an open design competition requiring the most skilled individuals to create a better user experience on mobile devices. Three great winners must be mentioned, Digitag, created by Aaron Rustill, Happy Handsfree, by James Slater and the Doo Phone, by Rhys Cooper.



Digitag (above) allows the users to load their personal info on any mobile handset with a simple touch of their thumb. This is a secured operation that will store all of your numbers, texts, music and videos on the network and the instant you touch another Digitag mobile, you’ll find it setup just the way you like it, with all of your content and settings on board.


All the phones can use the same charger and you’ll personalize the handset as you like with a single touch. The data is securely backed up and it’s based on thumb print recognition. Moving on to the Freelance Category, we find the Happy Handsfree concept (flower-like device below), a communications device that will be bought by parents for their children.

It’ll allow the parents to stay in touch with the young ones via this cute mobile device worn on the wrist. It’ll embed a microphone and speaker and make communication easier, without having your child use a phone yet. In the Freelance Category, the great winner was the Doo Phone, a very easy to use mobile phone interface, with a picture based speed dialing system.


You’ll select the image of the contact you want to call and all images and numbers will be displayed in high contrast and with large fonts. The designer was inspired by people with learning difficulties. Also on the awards list, there’s, winning the Commercial category with an app called “nru”.

This piece of software lets people find stuff to do while they’re in a certain part of the city, using a pointing system that unveils sites and attraction in the direction where the user is facing. The app is supported on the T-Mobile G1 phone and it’s available in the UK. More details here.

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