If you worried too much about Apple’s upcoming tablet, here’s another reason to lose your sleep at night: the Microsoft Courier tablet. Concept or not, this device is quite mysterious and we’re expecting Microsoft to deny all rumours that regard it for now.



Courier is thought to be real, specially since the pics and video available below are official-looking and quite detailed. This is more of a booklet, than a tablet and you have to know that the portable device comes with dual 7 inch multitouch screens, that allow the user to write, flick and draw, either with a stylus or the bare hands.

There’s a hinge connecting the displays and a Home button placed on it, plus this section will be used as a means to hold items that will be moved from one page to the other. Microsoft Courier also packs a 3 megapixel camera at the back, with 4x zoom, flash and it’ll even come with an inductive pad, for charging purposes.

Video demo after the break:




[via Concept Phones]

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