After being among the first to see Microsoft’s new Courier tablet, we have a look at the freshly leaked Microsoft phones, that are part of Project Pink: Turtle and Pure. The handsets will be made by Sharp and branded Microsoft, so, considering the involvement in the making of Sidekick, we guess that these handsets will aim towards the same market.



Sadly, the Microsoft phones are disappointing when it comes to design, specially since they look like remade Sidekicks, or in the case of Turtle, a chunky Palm Pre. Microsoft Pure is a standard slider, that seems to resemble Motorola CLIQ just a bit. As you can see, the devices are all plastic and sport rounded edges, for a more playful look.

Word’s out that these handsets will support Zune services, get their own app store and maybe, just maybe support Xbox features.


[via Gizmodo]

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