Yesterday Microsoft shifted is My Phone service to open beta and if you’re not familiar with this useful feature, you should know that we’re dealing with a sync and backup solution. My Phone is a free service that will sync any Windows Mobile 6 smartphone via a password-protected web site, accessible from any PC.



If you use a Windows Mobile 6.0 or 6.1 handset, you can download My Phone right now from Using this service, you’ll be able to update your contacts, add new tasks, download and edit documents, upload music/videos and manage your calendar and photos. Synchronization with the PC account will take place automatically or you’ll just have to click “sync” for an instantaneous syncing.

My Phone comes with 200 MB of free storage, but you should remember that the service won’t sync data if you’re using an active Microsoft Exchange server connection. Also, it won’t sync data stored on a memory card, info outside the My Documents folder on your phone or your SIM card contacts.

[via pcmag]

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