Last time we heard about Microsoft and projects two things got canned: the Courier e-reader and the Kin smartphone series. Let’s hope the Menlo project is more successful, now that the Redmond giant has learned its lesson. This new concept involves a future high end mobile device, with unique abilities.


Menlo is a prototype device, packing a 4.1 inch capacitive touchscreen with a 800 x 480 pixel resolution and running Microsoft Windows Embedded CE 6.0 R2. There’s also a Bosch BMA150 3-axis accelerometer on board, plus a Bosch BMP085 digital pressure sensor aka a barometer.

On this piece of hardware (that you can see in the image on the left) you’ll fid a new program, known as Greenfield. The software allows users to retrace their footsteps to their cars, relying on the handset’s sensors. Will this project also get axed?

[via wmexperts]

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