After yesterday when the Finnish company Jolla send out press invites for a Mobile World Congress 2015 conference, today, the IT giant Microsoft does the same thing and also revealing some clues about what we’re going to see on March 2nd when the event is planned.

Screen Shot 2015-02-09 at 19.44.00

From the latest rumors arrived on the web, we could expect to see new mobile devices that will run Windows 10, both mid-range and high-end ones. Also, this year could be the perfect time for the release of a succesor of the Lumia 1020, smartphone expected by a lot of fans. By launching such a product, Microsoft could be the main attraction of the Mobile World Congress tech show.

It remains to see what things will bring Microsoft this year at Mobile World Congress, and how good is Windows 10 on mobile phones. How the perfect Microsoft phone will look from your point of view?